Handmade sandals from Africa - Surti & Sons, Zanzibar

Photo of Surti sandal shop, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Surti Sandals Shop

Photo of Mr Surti in his handmade sandals shop

Mr Surti & display of handmade sandals

Handmade sandals are available from Pravin Surti's shop along Gizenga Street, Zanzibar. The shop is in Stone Town, close to the main post office on Kenyatta Road.

The sandals are all handmade in the shop by a real expert, and there are many colours and styles to choose from.

The shop was started by Pravin’s father and then Pravin himself carried on the family business in the same shop.

There are some modern tools and machines in the shop but others that are over 50 years old.

Many shoes and sandals sold in Zanzibar are imported from other countries so Pravin’s shop is one of the few making and selling their own.

If you want some really good handmade sandals, this is the place to go! You can also buy handbags and sometimes even shoes!

Address: Surti and Sons, PO Box 3866, Gizenga Street, Zanzibar, Tanzania

email: pravinsurti@hotmail.com