Poetry, Stories, Drama Books for Teachers of English

Writing Simple Poems by Holmes and Moulton (CUP)

ISBN-13: 978-3125334304

This resource book shows how to use poetry writing as a medium to teach and reinforce structure, parts of speech and punctuation, as well as other grammar and writing conventions. This is a resource book that shows teachers how to use poetry writing as a medium to teach and reinforce structure, vocabulary, parts of speech, and punctuation, as well as other grammar and writing conventions. Appropriate for any age or fluency level, the book can be used by ESL, foreign language, or bilingual teachers as an adjunct to their writing program. It contains 25 easy-to-follow, self-contained lessons, each with poetry models and sample poems written by students of various ages and linguistic backgrounds. The simple patterns in this book will encourage students to express their own ideas creatively and accurately.

Laughing Matters by Medgyes (CUP)

ISBN-13: 978-0521799607

This book offers over 120 activities which will inject some light-hearted fun into lessons, whilst still being grounded in respected language learning theory.

Humour is a very effective way to help students remember key concepts and structures. The book contains step-by-step guidance on how to carry out the activities and suggestions for further work.

Stories: Narrative Activities for the Language Classroom by Wajnryb (CUP)

ISBN-13: 978-0521001601

Stories are a wonderful way of helping students learn and acquire language. This book is for teachers who want to use stories in class but need a place to start.

Stories is packed full of fun activities using different genres: soap opera, urban myth and newspaper reporting as well as advice on using stories in the classroom.

Using Folktales by Taylor (CUP)

ISBN-13: 978-0521637497

This provides over 40 ready-to-use activities and dozens of stories which are suitable for all ages from beginner to advanced level.

The paperback edition shows teachers how to take advantage of the unique literary characteristics of folk tales to facilitate language learning. Activities are suitable for all ages and range from beginning to advanced.

Drama Techniques by Maley and Duff (CUP)

ISBN-13: 978-0521601191

The fully revised edition of this 'classic' helps teachers give their learners the tools they need to express themselves through a range of stimulating drama contexts. This completely revised edition of the classic title Drama Techniques provides:

  • 150 ideas for interesting and productive fluency practice
  • a large selection of drama-based techniques which focus learners' attention on communicative tasks or activities
  • techniques suitable for all levels
  • clear instructions for the teacher
  • advice on how to use the techniques in the classroom

Drama and Improvisation, (Resource Book for Teachers) by Wilson (OUP)

ISBN-13: 978-0194425803

Fifty-six classroom activities requiring minimal preparation, ranging from shorter and less demanding to longer and more complex activities, culminating in a series of original dramatic sketches.