Teaching English: ESOL & EAL

Oxford ESOL Handbook by Schellekens

ISBN-13: 978-0194422819

A practical toolkit which helps teachers promote effective language learning among migrants and refugees who have come to settle in countries where English is the national language.

The focus is on practical techniques and activities, underpinned by the latest thinking in linguistics, to enable teachers to develop their teaching skills.


ESOL: A Critical Guide by Cooke and Simpson

ISBN-13: 978-0194422673

This book provides readers with an up-to-date broad understanding of the distinctive pedagogic, social, and political contexts of teaching English to adult migrants in countries where English is the dominant language.

The book contains reflective activities within each chapter, to enable readers to relate the content to their own contexts, be they teaching, training, management, inspection or policy.

How Languages are Learned by Lightbown and Spada

ISBN-13: 978-0194422246

This book provides a readable introduction to the main theories of first and second language acquisition, relating them to approaches to classroom methodology and practice. It provides a link between theories on language acquisition and approaches and methodology in language teaching, and discusses practical implications for the classroom, using activities and projects. It helps teachers to assess the merits of different methods and textbooks, and make the most of their time with learners. It explores recent theories (e.g. skill learning, connectionism, the 'noticing' hypothesis) and research on the teaching and learning of vocabulary, pronunciation and pragmatics.