Reading Cards for Young Learners - Card 13

These cards are practice materials for young people who are learning English. They are set at elementary or pre-intermediate level.

Waylink Young Learner's Reading Card

Read this:

Eli had a headache on Sunday evening. By Monday morning it was worse and she was very hot. She had a high temperature. Mama Isowe took her to the clinic to see the doctor or nurse. The nurse said that Eli had malaria and she gave her some medicine. She told them to come back after four days. She said that Eli should go home and rest, and not go to school. Her mother took her home and gave her some medicine. She put Eli to bed and let her sleep. The next day, Eli was feeling a little bed, although she felt very weak. She stayed at home watching television and reading. After four days she went back to see the doctor.

Make up questions for these answers: