Reading Cards for Young Learners - Card 4

These cards are practice materials for young people who are learning English. They are set at elementary or pre-intermediate level.

Waylink Young Learner's Reading Card

Read this:

My name is Sylviane. I am from France. I am 12 years old. I'm learning English at the Greenhill Language School. I have two teachers. In the morning, I have Liz. In the afternoon, I have Peter. They are very good teachers. They tell us to use their first names. I like that. I like the classes. We talk in English all the time. We have fun in class. The students also learn a lot too!

Make sentences from the words below:

Answer with a short sentence.

  1. Who is from France?

    Sylviane is from France.
  2. How old is Sylviane?

    Sylviane is 12 years old.
  3. Why is she at Greenhill Language School?

    She is learning English.
  4. How many teachers has she got?

    She has (got) two English teachers.
  5. Are they good teachers?

    Yes, they are very good English teachers.
  6. Do the students talk a lot in English?

    Yes, they talk in English all the time.
  7. Does Sylviane enjoy the classes?

    Yes, she enjoys the classes.
  8. Who learns a lot in the classes?

    The students learn a lot.
  9. When does Peter teach her?

    Peter teaches her in the afternoon.
  10. When does Liz teach her?

    Liz teaches her in the morning.

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