Reading Cards for Young Learners - Card 1

These cards are practice materials for young people who are learning English. They are set at elementary or pre-intermediate level.

Waylink Young Learner's Reading Card 1

Read this:

Peter and Tom are good friends. They always play together. They always go to school together. They always sit together in class. They enjoy playing football together. They are both in the school football team.

Make sentences from the words below:

Start with the underlined word.

  1. Peter always and play Tom together.

    Peter and Tom always play together.
  2. The always together in boys class sit.

    The boys always sit together in class.
  3. Both in boys are the football team.

    Both boys are in the football team.
  4. The are very friends good boys.

    The boys are very good friends.
  5. The football enjoy playing boys.

    The boys enjoy playing football.

Write a short sentence to answer each of the questions below:


  1. Who are good friends?

    Peter and Tom are (very) good friends.
  2. Who always play together?

    Peter and Tom always play together.
  3. Do the boys go to school together?

    Yes, they go to school together.
  4. Do they always sit together?

    Yes, they always sit together.
  5. What do they enjoy?

    They enjoy playing football.

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