List of the top English common nouns

These lists show you which words are used most often. They give you examples of their correct use in phrases or sentences. Note that some words may be used as noun, verb, adjective etc. For definitions and more uses and different meanings of these words you should refer to a good online dictionary or printed book dictionary of English.

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  • class

  • My school class is learning English. .

    High class restaurants are usually expensive.

    The two students sat at the back of the class hoping that the teacher would ignore them.

  • client


  • club

  • The student joined a sports club and a musical society.

    The football club signed an agreement with the city council.

    Manchester United football club has bought a new player - he cost over a million Euro.

  • collection

  • At the end of the meeting, there was a collection to raise money for the project.

    The art gallery has a fine collection of paintings and statues from all over the world.

  • college

  • That ancient college has a royal charter and coat of arms - a bit like a logo, really!

  • colour

  • What is the main colour on your football team's shirts.

  • commission

  • He earned 10 per cent commission on everything that he sold.

    He works as an agent and earns commission on every sale.

  • committee

  • The committee members were in agreement about the new policy proposals.

    I hope the report is on the agenda of the committee meeting.

  • communication

  • Human communication is affected by body language and tone of voice as well as the actual words spoken.

  • community

  • There is a public party tonight in the community hall.


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