List of the top English common nouns

These lists show you which words are used most often. They give you examples of their correct use in phrases or sentences. Note that some words may be used as noun, verb, adjective etc. For definitions and more uses and different meanings of these words you should refer to a good online dictionary or printed book dictionary of English.

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  • meeting

  • The meeting discussed every item on the agenda.

    The chairman called the meeting to order so that they could begin formal discussions.

  • member

  • Are you a member of this club?

    She is a respected member of the community.

  • memory


  • method


  • mile


  • million

  • Manchester United football club has bought a new player - he cost over a million Euro.

  • mind

  • She has a brilliant mind - extremely intelligent and well-educated.

    Do you mind if I sit here? No, I don

  • minister

  • The minister was accountable to parliament.

    He was a minister in the Blair government.

    She trained as minister of religion.

    Mr Trasker is the Minister of Defence in the Social Democratic government.

  • minute

  • The forensic scientist found minute particles on his clothing. They were so tiny you could not see them with the naked eye.

  • miss



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