List of the top English common nouns

These lists show you which words are used most often. They give you examples of their correct use in phrases or sentences. Note that some words may be used as noun, verb, adjective etc. For definitions and more uses and different meanings of these words you should refer to a good online dictionary or printed book dictionary of English.

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  • majority


  • man

  • This man works hard in the factory all day.

    The police arrested the man and accused him of murder.

    The old man was born a very long time ago.

    If a dog bites a man, that is not news but if a man bites a dog, the newspapers will be interested.

  • management

  • The labour union leaders and the company management reached a pay deal and averted a strike.

  • manager

  • She is manager of the advice centre.

  • market

  • The firm will enter a new market next year.

  • material

  • She bought some material to make a new dress.

    Building material is very expensive but usually lasts a long time.

  • matter


  • means


  • measure


  • medium



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