List of the top English common nouns

These lists show you which words are used most often. They give you examples of their correct use in phrases or sentences. Note that some words may be used as noun, verb, adjective etc. For definitions and more uses and different meanings of these words you should refer to a good online dictionary or printed book dictionary of English.

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  • account


  • act

  • That film star can act brilliantly.

    He was coughing so badly he had to leave the theatre during act three.

    The United Nations Security Council condemned the act of war and called for a ceasefire.

  • action

  • The police took action to reduce crime.

  • activity

  • After the terrorist attack, there was a lot of police activity at the airport.

    This learning activity should help you to understand how to calculate the area of a circle.

    I cannot see any benefit in allowing this dangerous activity to take place.

  • age

  • What age are you? Only people aged 18 and over are allowed in this club.

  • agreement

  • The committee members were in agreement about the new policy proposals.

    The football club signed an agreement with the city council.

    Your agreement is vital. Without it, the plans will not be approved.

  • air

  • All animals and plants depend on oxygen usually from the air around them.

    Air is about 79% nitrogen and 20% oxygen; the rest is other gases including air pollution.

  • amount

  • No amount of pressure will cause me to agree to your proposal.

  • application

  • The pharmacist said that daily application of the skin cream was necessary.

  • approach

  • His approach to the task is to be patient and persuasive; trying to bully people is not the best approach.

    If you approach the airport from the south, you will see a large car park.

    The scientific approach is dispassionate and rational.


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