List of the top English common nouns

These lists show you which words are used most often. They give you examples of their correct use in phrases or sentences. Note that some words may be used as noun, verb, adjective etc. For definitions and more uses and different meanings of these words you should refer to a good online dictionary or printed book dictionary of English.

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  • question

  • It's a question of common sense.

    I asked a question and he gave me an answer.

  • rate

  • What rate do you charge?

  • reason

  • He asked for the reason I was late.

    Logic and reason can solve many problems but not all.

  • report

  • I was shocked by the report on global warming.

    Jane's school report was excellent.

    I hope the report is on the agenda of the committee meeting.

  • result

  • The result of his negligence was severe injury.

    What was the result of the test?

  • right

  • He lost his right hand in an industrial accident.

    She is right to complain about the poor working conditions.

    We have the right to vote.

    Most people have two arms and two legs. He has a tatoo on his right arm.

    The right to bear arms is enshrined in the US constitution. Firearms are dangerous.

    Wait a moment! This is not the right moment to go away. At moments like this, we need to be careful.

  • road

  • Hard work is the road to success.

    The road was wide enough for the car to overtake.

  • room

  • It looks so crowded; is there any room (space) to sit down?

    This room is used for storing boxes.

    The hotel offered us a room with a double bed or two single beds.

  • school

  • The alterations to the school rules were among many proposed changes.

    My school class is learning English. .

    Jane's school report was excellent.

    The school of fish swam away.

    He liked the school teacher because she was knowledgeable and entertaining.

    The school year has three terms or trimesters.

    I like my new school - it's a friendly but hard-working environment.

    She wrote an interesting article for the school magazine.

  • service

  • What time does the bus service start?

    The religious service began at 10:00.

    The service is very fast in this restaurant.

    The board of directors ordered all employees to be more efficient and give better service to customers.


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