Supermarket advertisement

(Upper intermediate level vocabulary exercise.)

Welcome to paradise, otherwise known as the Maldives, where Ibrahim Mohamed earns his (1) ...... catching tuna in much the same way as his father and grandfather before him. At first glance, fishing from a small boat with a pole and line may seem a (2) ...... outdated way to catch tuna for a British supermarket. In fact, it's bang up-to-date with the very (3) ...... thinking from environmental groups and marine conservation experts. The yellowfin tuna, unlike the bluefin tuna, is a sustainable species. The income (4) ...... dozens of small coastal fishing communities. Just as important, Ibrahim's centuries-old way of fishing (5) ...... the killing of dolphins and other protected species. Our policy of selling only (6) ...... seafood started over 10 years ago. Since then, we've (7) ...... selling more than 20 species considered to be under threat. However, that still leaves plenty to choose from. We (8) ...... sell 55 species of fresh fish, and all of them come from sustainable fishing areas.

(Adapted from an advert for Waitrose in the Guardian newspaper.)

1 A) living B) life C) lifetime D) way

2 A) hopelessly B) incredibly C) ridiculously D) interestingly

3 A) latest B) quickest C) sharpest D) longest

4 A) provides B) allows C) gives D) supports

5 A) provides B) gives C) encourages D) avoids

6 A) sustain B) sustains C) sustaining D) sustainable

7 A) started B) stopped C) encouraged D) begun

8 A) recently B) immediately C) currently D) happily