Politics and the environment

British MP David Miliband talking about one of his constituents.

(Intermediate level vocabulary exercise)

I first met Kirstie in February. I'd come to South shields for a constituency day and saw in my diary 5.15 Kirstie Hart. She wants to talk about the environment. She stayed quite a lot longer than that and I knew that it wasn't going to be an ordinary (1) ...... when she said God, you look tired! I was in the middle of a (2) ...... on bird flu so I wasn't surprised. Her opening gambit was "I'm very worried about the environment. I want to become a politician and do something to save the planet." Then she told me that she was a single mum and worked for a printing company where she made them (3) ...... everything and only use environmentally (4) ...... chemicals and ink. She said, "I've been following the environmental (5) ...... and it is absolutely clear to me that unless we get the Americans to change their (6) ...... we will never be able to (7) ...... other nations to change." The most important thing in politics is that you have to have passion and belief and an interest in making the world a better (8) ......, and Kirstie has a lot of this. She doesn't have a string of qualifications but she has a probing intellect and a lot of drive.

(Adapted from an article in the Guardian newspaper.)

1 A) meeting B) conference C) get-together D) reunion

2 A) critics B) crisis C) disaster D) concern

3 A) recover B) replenish C) recycle D) re-do

4 A) friend B) friendship C) friendliness D) friendly

5 A) debate B) talk C) contest D) questioning

6 A) attitude B) mood C) feeling D) belief

7 A) insist B) demand C) enable D) persuade

8 A) place B) country C) position D) situation


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