Dangerous driving - Lower Intermediate Level

Cycling in busy traffic - Photo courtesy of Camden Cyling Campaign

I was cycling to work on Monday when a car nearly (1) ...... me over. I nearly fell off my bicycle. I followed the car. It could not go (2) ...... because there were many other cars. Then I was behind it. I banged on the roof. Suddenly, I saw the (3) ...... Police on the side of the car. The passenger, a policeman, got out. 'What are you doing?' he said. 'The driver (4) ...... knocked me over!' I said. 'You're police officers. You (5) ...... drive more carefully!' The policeman took out his notebook. He (6) ...... to take my name and address. He wanted me to go to the police station. Then the driver said, 'Sorry. I didn't see you. It was my (7) .......' I pointed my finger and said, '(8) ...... on!', and they did.

1. A) knocked B) pressed C) pulled D) kicked
2. A) suddenly B) carefully C) quicklyD) slowly
3. A) letters B) word C) write D) title
4. A) nearly B) slowly C) carefully D) quietly
5. A) might B) shouldC) shallD) would
6. A) wantB) wantsC) wantedD) wanting
7. A) mistakeB) mistakesC) mistakenD) mistaking
8. A) driveB) journeyC) pullD) travel